29 August 2019 - Russian Log - double hop

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29 August 2019 - Russian Log - double hop

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I have carefully gone through my extensive recordings for the 29th, although I had to delete some without listening to make way for the opening on the 30thand I may have missed some exotics . Two instances of double-hop reception are recorded - on 67.31 and 69.23.

I have concluded these are double hop signals because the alternative transmitters are well outside the general direction of propagation. At 1200-1215 the signals were coming from 66-74 degrees - majority 70-74 degrees. From 1238 - 1305 the signals were mostly 66 - 68 and towards 1330 favoured closer to 60 degrees. After the band faded for around 90 minutes signals returned initially from 77 deg and then from around 70-73 degrees and around 1800-1840 signals were back in the range of 61-70 degrees mainly in the midpoint.

Around 1330-1340 with Russian stations coming in from 62 degrees, with slightly earlier reception from 66 degrees the R. Rossii on 67.31 is most likely to be Tolyatti/RTPS Zhigulevsk 3248 km/67 degrees. The reception falls in the same geographic area and time as Tim Bucknell's double hop reception.

Radio Rossi on 69.23 was received at around 1402 UTC at the same time as other stations with a bearing of 57-58 deg. So it has to be Shadrinsk at 4025 km on the same bearing. Screenshot attached.

This link will give properly formatted table of all Russian stations. https://app.box.com/s/quyhni863p2mthto9h60qe8kr3h93ivn

A whole bunch of stations from Belarus were also logged and the band was open on and off from before 0800 until after 1842 when the hard drive got filled up.
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Re: 29 August 2019 - Russian Log - double hop

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Nice work. Tolyatti (Samara) is at 3249 km, this could have been a combination of ES and tropo as well.
You are absolutely right, the other two are at 48/49 degr. and Krivosheino can be sort out, it is too weak.

Shradinsk is an outstanding log, well done to hear this.
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