Band 2 Es Log Monday 13th June 2016

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Jim (Bournemouth)
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Band 2 Es Log Monday 13th June 2016

Post by Jim (Bournemouth) » 13 Jun 2016 20:11

Back in the day when I was very active on the Amateur 6m band,the old adage was "look out for short skip to Scotland and/or E4 TV from Iceland" as an indicator of 6m Transatlantic propagation.
Back at work today I saw that the 6m transatlantic path was open between Europe and North America as early as lunchtime. Driving home this afternoon, it struck me that the adage should work in reverse.....

What followed shortly after I got home just before 1600z, was a nice opening to Iceland.

Signals were never strong, and indeed I only got one PI code, but was able to use streams to ID the stations.
This opening was very welcome as I'd only logged a single station in Iceland before, and that was in 2014.

Map and logs: ... &omid=2748
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Re: Band 2 Es Log Monday 13th June 2016

Post by tvdxrools » 14 Jun 2016 10:06

There was a great transatlantic opening on 6m yesterday starting from 1330 and a few heard were K1TOL Maine , W2SM NJ , VO1KVT Lewisporte , NG4C Elizabeth City to name but a few , i also heard down into Florida then props started to come in from the west on 55.250 with various 60hz carriers but i only got fleeting glimpses of video and no audio but a good sign , cheers David
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