G-ST73PJ Mow Cop, Cheshire/Staffordshire Border, England 11/1/15

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G-ST73PJ Mow Cop, Cheshire/Staffordshire Border, England 11/1/15

Post by Tim Bucknall » 11 Jan 2015 18:22

Tim Bucknall, G-ST73PJ Mow Cop, Cheshire/Staffordshire Border, England
Icom IC-7000, Hyundai VDO Car Radio, Alinco DJ-X11e, Baofeng UV-5R+, EZCap DTV Dongle (RTL2832u) CB Whip
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mow_Cop<br />
in certain spots like the car park of: http://www.mowcopinn.co.uk/ all but the car radio & the EZCap DTV Dongle (RTL 2832u) suffered overload from a Large utility mast radiating on 177.2625, 207.643 & 153.06 Mhz. but for radios with a strong front end the Car Park of the public house offers an excellent take off to the South, while the Car Park at the Castle itself offers excellent reception of West/South West Wales with no overload problems noted.
MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
25.04 1427 UNID, 25.036 data/idling/off 1428
25.24 1426 continuous data dx, 25.2375
28.20 1430 RUS Taxi, 28.195 good night
29.61 1330 USA Taxi, qrg:29.605
29.70 1326 I Serial Modem, (Military), also 29.685khz
29.76 1337 AUS Datawell Wavebuoy, Barrow Island
29.76 1337 USA Datawell Wavebuoy, 3 poss: 2 in FL, 1 NC
29.85 1338 CAN Radar, London, Ontario
29.87 1400 USA Datawell Wavebuoy, Jeffreys Ledge, NH
29.89 1401 Datawell Wavebuoy,
29.90 1402 CHN unid comms, qrg:29.8985
30.11 1358 CHN comms, 30.1125 unstable tx
30.25 1339 NOR ATRAD Radar, Tromso
30.62 1403 USA Millenium Taxis, Chatanooga, TN 210.7hz CTCSS
30.68 1343 USA SS Taxi, Brooklyn NYC
30.74 1351 USA Bell Car svc (SS taxi), Brooklyn NYC
31.00 1340 NOR ATRAD Radar, Svalbard
31.06 1350 USA SS Taxi, Brooklyn NYC 91.5hz CTCSS
31.22 1341 USA WEWN (2x 15610), Birmingham, Alabama rlg service, ex pks
31.40 1342 USA Oscar Macareno (Taxi), Brooklyn NYC ss om
31.44 1342 CHN unid comms, qrg: 31.4375
31.44 1349 USA SS Taxi, Brooklyn NYC
33.04 1440 USA UNID, caught end of tx
33.42 1323 USA NOAA wx bc, 2 txs hrd, both FL
33.62 1418 USA Emergency Comms, Montgomery Cty, PA 136.5hz CTCSS
33.74 1436 USA UNID emc mobile, cutting across ambulance comms
33.74 1436 USA Ambulance, @ bonnie williams residence
33.86 1355 USA Emergency Comms,
33.90 1356 USA Emergency Comms, no tone
34.33 1321 TUR Fire Brigade, + 34.31, 34.24 etc
35.18 1439 USA UNID EE Business, low mod om
35.58 1358 USA Radio Africa, Okechobee, FL 2x17790
40.67 1320 USA Snotel,
40.69 1320 USA Snotel,
45.25 1318 G BBC R3 (subharmonic), Sutton Coldfield //90.5 but distorted with loud hum 63km
Rx: Burkhardt Reuter RDR54D1, Elad FDM-S2, Airspy HF+ w/ HS Publications 6 Element R3 -R5 Yagi on rooftop rotator V/H polarization options. Pira P275 RDS analyser

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Re: G-ST73PJ Mow Cop, Cheshire/Staffordshire Border, England 11/1/15

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 18 Jan 2015 10:34

Great log as always Tim. I really miss our trips up there.

Just for the record, the ham locator (grid) for this location is IO83VC. It took me a while to realise that G-ST73PJ was a postcode. The locators are each 10km square. This one encompasses the whole of the Mow Cop hill almost as far as Little Moreton Hall, just off the north-west end of the grid.

http://qthlocator.free.fr/ is a good reference for finding any locator square.

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