Axe Edge Log 2/10/14 1120-1345utc

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Tim Bucknall
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Axe Edge Log 2/10/14 1120-1345utc

Post by Tim Bucknall » 03 Oct 2014 11:14

25.546 unid RTTY, v strong but wouldn't decode
26.605 Pager, W Russia
26.605 Taxi, W Russia "pick up the kids from School!"
26.675 Taxi, W Russia
26.785 Taxi, W Russia
26.860 Data burst tx, unknown
27.060 Taxi, W Russia
27.200 RR CB Net, Donetsk, initially tech tlk later mentions of "Russki","Moskali","Donbass" "Occupier/Occupation"
27.450 carrier- been around for years now on F2, not local any ideas?
27.475 Taxi YL, West Russia
27.515 Taxi, West Russia
27.525 Taxi, West Russia
27.535 Taxi, West Russia
27.575 Taxi, West Russia
27.940 Paging, W Russia
28.155 Taxi, Moscow
28.195 Taxi, Moscow
28.235 T'sentralnaya Taxis, Moscow YL: "Robota"= its working!
28.835 Taxi, Russia
29.120 Taxi, Russia (new freq)
29.215 Taxi,Moscow Region
29.475 Taxi, Moscow Region, v low mod
29.620 Ham rptr, New York, open carrier, no traffic
29.655 Taxi, Moscow Region
29.760 Datawell Buoy
29.825 Datawell Buoy
29.870 Datawell Buoy
30.105 Taxi YL, W Russia v strong yl "Nie Robota!, Nie Robota!"= not working! new freq or huge power increase since last season
31.900 AM BC Harmonic, v poor sounded like Chinese opera nothing hrd on 15950 or 7975khz
32.325 Jumper, Israel
32.900 Unid Radar- flluctuating like e skip
33.075 Jumper, Israel
34.1375 Fire Brigade, Turkey, poor
34.1625 Fire Brigade, Turkey, poor
35.940 Noise tx, deep qsb
36.325 Jumper, Israel
36.800 Noise tx, deep qsb
Rx: Burkhardt Reuter RDR54D1, Elad FDM-S2, Airspy HF+ w/ HS Publications 6 Element R3 -R5 Yagi on rooftop rotator V/H polarization options. Pira P275 RDS analyser

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