Skegness Log: 2019-10-22 (MW: Asia Transatlantic)

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Skegness Log: 2019-10-22 (MW: Asia Transatlantic)

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 24 Oct 2019 22:55

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1430 0352 USA KEZW Aurora CO. String of oldies, no ID, but station confirmed based on the playlist I reported 
              via Facebook. Offset 1429.9910. Weak 7469 km **
1040 0600 USA WHO Des Moines IA. Lots of WHO IDs above local QRN. Weak at this time, but fair peaks. 
              Fair  6649 km
1350 0600 USA KRNT Des Moines IA. Several ESPN Des Moines IDs after local ads. Weak  6670 km
1390 0600 USA WRIG Schofield WI. OM WRIG and WB230BU 93.9 ID.  V weak  6183 km **
1350 2000  J  JOER RCC Chugoku Hoso, Etajima/Okimi (chg-hir) Time pip, YL ID and classical jingle. 
              V weak  9251 km

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