Holbeach Log: 2019-10-20 (MW: Asia)

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Holbeach Log: 2019-10-20 (MW: Asia)

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1368 1800  J  JOHP NHK Radio 1 Takamatsu. Presumed. All other NHK1 transmitters on 1368 are 1kW or less. 
              Time pips and OM ID. Just audible with Manx Radio V weak  9023 km **
1440 1800  J  JOWF STV Sapporo TV Hoso, Sapporo (hok) Single time pip and YL in Japanese. Best signal heard 
              to date! https://youtu.be/udsU2KnXgWQ Weak  8684 km
1170 1900 KOR HLSR KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 2/KBS World Radio, Gimje=Kimjae (jeb) Booming in with KBS jingle 
              and OM ID, time signal and top of the hour music. Good  8862 km
1467 1900 KOR HLKN KBS 1 Radio, Mokpo/Yeongam (jen) YL frequencies and HLKN ID, also mentioning Mokpo! 
              Great signal! Good  8948 km **
 711 2000 TWN BCC Country Network, Tainan (TN) BCC jingle V weak  9753 km
 720 2000 TWN BCC News Network, Taichung (TC) BCC jingle V weak  9692 km
1224 2000 TWN BCC Country Network, Kaohsiung (KH) BCC jingle V weak  9816 km
 918 2100 CHN Shandong RGD Xinwen Pindao, Jinan (SD) Early time pips and ID, followed by delayed time pips 
              and ID. Multiple sites! Fair  8320 km

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