Skegness Log: 2019-10-08 (MW: Asia Transatlantic)

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Skegness Log: 2019-10-08 (MW: Asia Transatlantic)

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1600 0623 USA KLEB Golden Meadow LA. The Rajun Cajun! KLEB ID and Spanish music. Very weak for ID but 
              fair peaks! Fair  7473 km **
 918 2059 CHN Shandong RGD Xinwen Pindao, Jinan (SD) Shandong mentioned in full ID before time signal. 
              Two transmitters 
              audible producing echo.  Fair  8320 km
1206 2100 CHN Jiangsu RGD Jinling zhi Sheng, Nanjing/Gulizhen (JS) ID confirmed by Mika Mäkeläinen at RealDX. 
              YL ID after time check. Fair peaks  Fair  8851 km **

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