Wigan log 16/05/18

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Wigan log 16/05/18

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MHz	UTC	ITU	Program + Location	Details	Remarks	km
 90.40	1950	BEL	VRT Klara, Egem (vlg-wvl)		 PI logged: 6303 PS logged: Klara___	490km

 87.60	1649	D	NDR 2, Hamburg-Moorfleet (ham)		 PI logged: D382 PS logged: _NDR_2__	846km
 87.70	1712	D	NDR Info, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs)	As webstream		807km
 87.80	2155	D	WDR 2, Schwerte/Sommerberg (nrw)	As webstream		730km
 87.90	1805	D	NDR Info, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs)		 PI logged: D384 PS logged: NDR_Info	787km
 89.00	2224	D	89.0 RTL, Brocken (san)	As webstream		917km
 89.60	1706	D	NDR 1 Welle Nord, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs)	As webstream		807km
 89.90	2226	D	NDR Kultur, Torfhaus (Harz-West) (nds)	As webstream		912km
 90.30	1701	D	NDR 90,3, Hamburg-Moorfleet (ham)		 PI logged: D451 PS logged: NDR_90,3	846km
 90.60	1851	D	WDR 5, Teutoburger Wald/Bielstein (nrw)		 PI logged: D395 PS logged: WDR_5___	796km
 92.10	2118	D	NDR 2, Torfhaus (Harz-West) (nds)	As webstream		912km
 93.90	2201	D	WDR 4, Aachen/Stolberg (nrw)		 PI logged: D394 PS logged: WDR_4___	681km
 96.50	2203	D	Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Langenberg/Hordtberg (nrw)	As webstream		708km
 97.00	2100	D	WDR 3, Teutoburger Wald/Bielstein (nrw)		 PI logged: D393 PS logged: WDR_3___	796km
 98.00	2121	D	NDR 1 Niedersachsen, Torfhaus (Harz-West) (nds)	As webstream		912km
100.00	2207	D	WDR 4, Münster/Baumberge (nrw)		 PI logged: D394 PS logged: WDR_4___	699km
100.20	2125	D	R.SH, Bungsberg/DTAG-Turm (shs)	As webstream		883km
100.60	1913	D	Radio ffn, Rosengarten-Langenrehm (nds)	As webstream		832km
100.80	2044	D	NDR 1 Niedersachsen, Stadthagen/Bückeberge (nds)	As webstream		810km
101.30	2130	D	WDR 4, Langenberg/Hordtberg (nrw)	As webstream		708km
101.40	1843	D	R.SH, Flensburg Freienwill (shs)	As webstream		807km
101.40	2210	D	Radio SAW, Brocken (san)	As webstream		917km
104.70	2055	D	WDR Eins Live, Nordhelle (nrw)	As webstream		757km
105.60	1847	D	delta radio, Flensburg Freienwill (shs)	As webstream		807km
106.70	2012	D	WDR Eins Live, Langenberg/Hordtberg (nrw)		 PI logged: D391 PS logged: _1LIVE__	708km
107.10	2135	D	Deutschlandfunk (Dlf), Bremen-Walle (bre)	As webstream		765km
107.90	2014	D	WDR Eins Live, Münster/Baumberge (nrw)	As webstream		699km

 91.70	1732	DNK	DR P3, Århus/Søsterhøj/Ny Moesgårdsvej 61 (mjy)		 PI logged: 9203 PS logged: DR_P3___	876km
 97.20	1838	DNK	DR P3, Rangstrup/Gammel Tøndervej 28 (sdk)	As webstream		791km
 99.90	1814	DNK	DR P4, Rangstrup/Gammel Tøndervej 28 (sdk)		 PI logged: 9C02 PS logged: DRP4_SYD	791km

 88.70	2354	F	France Musique, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59)		 PI logged: F203 PS logged: _MUSIQUE	502km
 94.70	2356	F	France Bleu Nord, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59)	Vocal ID		502km
 98.00	2356	F	France Culture, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59)		 PI logged: F202 PS logged: _CULTURE	502km
105.20	2358	F	France Info, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59)		 PI logged: F206 PS logged: __INFO__	502km

 95.90	1828	G	BBC Radio Humberside, High Hunsley (EN-EYK)	As webstream		145km
A decent tropo opening at last started in late afternoon with northern Germany and Denmark then late evening/early hours of the 17 th tropo moved South bringing in Belgium/Holland and France.
I went to be at midnight and kept thinking what am I missing so after half an hour I got up and carried on Dxing for a few hours and glad I did.
Will post some videos later.

Receiving equipment: 1 Sony ST-SE920, 1 Sony ST-SE700 1 Denon TU-1500RD 2 crossed FM 5s rotatable, 1 homemade FM 3 horizontal beaming S/E, 1 vertical FM 3 fixed beaming at Ireland,2 element OIRT,2 element band 1.

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