Skegness Log: 2018-05-28 (Es: ALG E I)

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Skegness Log: 2018-05-28 (Es: ALG E I)

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 87.7 1604 ALG Radio Chlef, Aïn N'sour (48) OM mentioning Chlef  1913km
 88.1 1604 ALG Radio Batna, Metlili (5) 2405 2033km
 88.9 1604  I  RAI Radio1, Tempio Pausania/Monte Limbara (RAI) (ss) 5201 1520km
 90.4 1604 ALG Radio Setif, Meghriss (19) 2419 1911km
 91.0 1604  I  Radio Maria, Tempio Pausania/Monte Limbara (ss) 51CC 1521km
100.7 1606 ALG Radio Coran & Culture, Kef El Akhal (25) 2206 ??CO???? 1927km
101.8 1606 ALG Chaîne 1, Akfadou (6) 2201 ??AINE_1 1867km
Here is my first sporadic E logbook of 2018.

This was the beginning of one of the worst E season I can remember. This opening brought in only a few of the most regular of regulars, and even they struggled, not one of them achieving full RDS.

What a late start to the season too! This wasn't a problem at the time as my life was turning various corners and I was quite happy not to be missing something exotic, but I made the decision that I would try an experiment this season and record everything with my antenna vertical, purely in the hope of catching something different.

Good DX!

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