Medium Wave Propagation question.

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Medium Wave Propagation question.

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The Polisario station on 1550 is a very strong regular here on 1550. It's carrier comes in just before sunset with audio (QRM allowing) soon after sunse), closing, sometime around 2300 and (during the winter) reappearing at 0about 0700 sign on.

At this time of the year, the sign on is just seen as a very weak carrier, if at all, as local sunrise is, at the moment, just before 0600.

On 28th, everything was as normal except at 0700 (over one hour after sunrise) the signal suddenly appeared at quite good audio levels with Koran at sign on. This continued for a few minutes and the audio went (but with some strengthening of the carrier at times until past 07:30).

As it happens, last night it didn't seem to sign off overnight, but audio dropped out as expected around sunrise (not even a carrier by 0700

Anybody know what propagation affect can cause a strong signal one hour after normal fade out on Medium Wave ?

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Re: Medium Wave Propagation question.

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I wonder if the signal peak corresponded to a sudden rise in geo-magnetic conditions? Need to find a detailed factsheet. All I can find is the list of K (3 hourly) indices on this page. Maybe somebody knows a site with more detail.

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