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2018-B: TWN leaving Woofferton + reduced program

Posted: 20 Oct 2018 18:03
by PFM907
Sad news have been announced during the yesterday's daily edition of the German language RTI (Taiwan) service:

-After the English Service in 2015 and the French Service in 2016, as from 2018-B schedule, RTI is leaving its UK relay.
-No more RTI program is about to be broadcast throughout the Woofferton transmitting site as from Oct, 28th 2018.
-Only remaining Overseas Relays are Issoudun (Russian and French) as well as Okeechobee (Spanish for Latin America).
-In addition, RTI's German language Service which was planned to be shut down completely some time ago, will remain.
-However, the daily broadcast will be cut off half an hour, resulting in a 30 minutes program instead of 60 minutes now.

No good news so far regarding the 2018-B schedule which will be valid from Oct,28th (which is in fact next week).
Anybody who wants to record RTI's time signal in good audio quality or wants to have 6185 QSLled, hurry up now.

Re: 2018-B: TWN leaving Woofferton + reduced program

Posted: 28 Oct 2018 17:38
by PFM907
Might not be interesting for Non-German listeners, but it is, however, still some kind of historical document.
RTI has stopped broadcasting via a UK relay site after 19 years of using this. Final moments from Woofferton: