Windows/Door Feed Thru Jumper

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Windows/Door Feed Thru Jumper

Post by RvdH60 »

I need to get my coax cable through my balcony door and I am looking for the best possible solution. I really don't want to drill a hole.
I want to prevent signal loss as much as possible, as does any DX-er, and would like some feedback on what window/door feed thru jumper any of you are using.
I came across the a jumper called Comet CTC-50M. Would this be the best possible solution or are there better ones on offer or even alternative solutions?
Looking forward to any feedback.
Good Hunting,
René, Amsterdam

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Re: Windows/Door Feed Thru Jumper

Post by satnipper »

The Comet CTC-50M works fine. You don't seem to be a ham so the 100w limit on tx won't impact you.

There are better alternatives such as the Diamond s510mm which is designed for ham transceivers in cars but works fine for under window and door sills.

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Re: Windows/Door Feed Thru Jumper

Post by PascalD »

Just for example I have been using the below link cable for my dtv and fm installation and report no problem for interference or loss of signal but the posting for the UK is expensive.

Good DX fellow Dxers

Pascal ... GTR=1#shId

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