Homemade yagi K7MEM 9.2

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Homemade yagi K7MEM 9.2

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Hi all
Here again. I want to show my new homemade yagi antenna. I used K7MEM program. First design an antenna of 7 elements, but then I wanted to improve the front to back ratio. Finally design an antenna that is a mixture of a K7MEM-7 elem and the three system reflectors of a Körner 9.2, adapted to my original design. Yagi has an approximate gain of 9,313 dBd. The total length of the boom is 3,163 mts, and boom diameter 20x20 mm. Antenna has a vertical folder dipole and uses an impedance matching of the Spanish brand "Televes". I will try to test it in the remainder of summer.
Here I leave attached a couple of photos of my antenna self-built.
Best regards

Tomas Gonzalez
Canary Islands.



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Re: Homemade yagi K7MEM 9.2

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That's perfect

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