Uniden UBC 3500 XLT scanners

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Uniden UBC 3500 XLT scanners

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these are being flogged off cheap now the 3600 is here

i got one yesterday for 75 GBP from martin lynch, it was listed as used with no box but when i got it the rx was still mint and the accesories were still sealed in the original plastic bag, they have more in case anyone wants one, you'll need patience to programme it but its fast scanning makes it a nice early warning rx

coverage is 25-512 8??-956, 1240-1300
I find it useful to be able to have a handheld unit that will tune 88-108 in nfm mode

performance seems great, i heard the Pakistan FM station via satcom on 255.775 on it with just a whip
theres various fm filter options i'm still exploring, an oirt opening sure would be helpful right now

within an hour of receiving the unit i'd heard us military pilots chatting on 123.45 "we're on our way from ramstein"

i realised i couldn't do without a handheld but that since my comm radio CR1 does ssb i didn't need to get a high end scanner like icom's new offering.
this seems like it will do nicely, hopefully this helps others

btw the new features on the new 3600 aren't anything tv/fm dxers could use
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