Hack rf, anyone tried it yet?

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Tim Bucknall
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Hack rf, anyone tried it yet?

Post by Tim Bucknall »

I know that most buyers of this unit use it for rf engineering projects like automating the family goldfish

but it's supported by sdr# so I wondered if anyone had tried dxing on it, hamming on it or setting up pirate DTV and DAB stations? ( not that I would ever commit such an offense your honour ;)

Or merely blasting some banging dub step over Radio Four's thought for the day..
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Re: Hack rf, anyone tried it yet?

Post by daveB »

8 bit ADC resolution would mean it has a similar dynamic range to an RTL dongle. Which can be adequate for general purposes - but at £229.50 you have better choices. For receive only either Airspy mini - whilst you can get them (£119.50 from Moonraker) if you don't want HF or SDR RSP1a (under £100). For transmit LimeSDR mini (about £100) but add your own case and bandpass filter(s).
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