Grigoriopol has stopped QSLling

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Grigoriopol has stopped QSLling

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Many DXers have received this message these days from PRTC:
We inform you that at the request of the owner we stop correspondence with radio observers.

Thank you for understanding.

Administration of Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr
They have been very professional, fast and reliable confirmers with beautiful, high quality and largely-sized QSL pictures (in total 5 or 6 different motives) in the past years.

Whatever may have led to this sudden and astonishing decision (lots of speculations and rumours can be read on german radio news pages bout that, but I do not want to comment on those fairytales written there!*) I really regret it.

Thank you PTRC for many years of quick and trustful QSL verifications. This has never been self-evident, but was always appreciated.

*as this message was also sent by the administration as an answer on reports regarding other operators and languages!!! so it is not only one particular broadcaster in charge.

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