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Hi from Winsford, Cheshire

Posted: 11 Sep 2019 19:21
by prc320
Hi all,

John Faulkner asked me to consider joining a while ago, well I've finally gotten round to doing it! So hello!

I have a Perseus on line ( *most* of the time. When I'm MW & LW dxing then it's not available.
Antennas: EWE 320o (NW), ALA 1530 no fixed bearing (depends what I'm listening to or phasing).
Elad FDM-S2 and Duo-R.

My main listening is NDB, LW & MW dxing. With forays into the HF bands. I used to be a big SWL but these days it's a bit lonely unless you're Chinese.
I use Jaguar Pro with my Perseus, outstanding software. I'm always learning new things I can do with it. If you like MW dxing and have a Perseus you won't regret buying it.

Re: Hi from Winsford, Cheshire

Posted: 12 Sep 2019 00:41
by John Faulkner, Skegness
Hi Hoppy.

Glad you made it to the forum. Also very pleased you are enjoying Jaguar.

The medium wave season is now well and truly upon us, so here's wishing you some great DX.

Re: Hi from Winsford, Cheshire

Posted: 12 Sep 2019 22:16
by simbeav
Hello Mr Hoppy.

We need some more MW dxers on here. Here's looking to a solar minimumfest this winter !


Re: Hi from Winsford, Cheshire

Posted: 23 Oct 2019 11:39
by Tim Bucknall
hi Hoppy
i'm down the road in congleton but these days purely dxing 66-108mhz due to multiple catastrophic interference sources ruining anything below that.
would be nice to have another FM dxer in Cheshire, maybe we can brainwash ... errr i mean persuade you ;-)

we have Andy in Wigan, Julian in Stockport but nobody in the middle of Cheshire to compare with

just installed a new 6 ele yagi on the roof
here's my daily reception under flat conditions fwiw

i have a great take off to south,west & north. even south east is not awful but the peak district blocks the east

i miss medium wave ( i feel a sort of phantom limb pain every winter!) but did manage Hawaii & Alaska in the afternoon in early december 2008 which helps sweeten the pill slightly
and did manage to get in a couple of MW dxpeditions with Sir John Faulkner where we heard Japan (also 2008)
so i can kid myself i went out at the top!

used to to obsessively monitor the pirate bands 48m 75m etc in the 90's. I loved chasing HF harmonics in the 8-38mhz range during the 2000 solar maximum and even created a dedicated yahoogroup for it
enjoyed tropical band especially the Turkic stuff from Xinjiang, best catch was prob RRI sibolga 5256 in 1993

loved the 10 meter repeaters when conditions allowed

never really appreciated the rest of general HF stuff until it was too late and the noise had won

remember Radio St Helena's dx tests 11092.5? happy memories of listening with my Dad