Bonjour everyone!

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Bonjour everyone!

Post by Brieuc »

My name is Brieuc, I am 17 years old, and I live in Bastelicaccia, a little town on Corsica island, France. I'm a high-school student, in "Terminale ES" (=the last year of high-school, and "ES" is "Economy and Social"). I'm also known under the pseudonym "Tapis Blanc", on YouTube. I'm "officially" a DXer since 2013, when I was near from Brest, in Brittany district. But, in July 2017, I moved to Corsica.

I'm lucky to live here, because I have excellent tropospheric spot close Mediterranean sea. With my modest setup, I can reach easily 800 km in summer. The "Modest Setup", is a Sharp XL-60, and a telescopic antenna, 2 x 1 meter. But since 2 weeks, I've bought a SDR key: NooElec NESDR SMArt, but I'm waiting for an adapter..
I'm sorry if I make some mistakes when I write, I haven't finished learning English at school..

Thanks to a friend for redirecting me to this forum! À la prochaine!

Brieuc G.
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John Faulkner, Skegness
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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness »

Bonjour Brieuc.

Welcome to Skywaves. Great to see you here. :)

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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by KnobTwiddler »

Welcome Brieuc, nice to have you on the forum.

Looking forward to you posts - your English writing is very good so no problems.👍
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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Julian Hardstone »

Welcome Brieuc, I hope you will soon get some good winter tropospheric signals. Whichever receiver you use, try to put up an outdoor antenna. A simple dipole mounted horizontally on a short pole will bring in so much more that a telescopic whip inside the house.

Good dx - Julian

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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Sylvestre »

Salut Brieuc et bienvenue sur SkyWaves DX ;)
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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by zach_m »

Welcome Brieuc. I saw your catches on YT. Well done!

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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Lucas | TransistorFR »

Salut Brieuc et bienvenue sur le forum! ;)
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Franco Martelli
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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Franco Martelli »

Salut Brieuc! Welcome!

It's good to see that there are some young and motivated Dxers around.

During last Es Season, I have read into Fmlist that you had a plenty of good Dxs; you are probably the active FmDxer closer to my location and (as you surely know) it's very useful to see what other people receive in order for "pointing the antennas" in the right direction.

It seems that Bastelicaccia is a good location for FmDxing: how many signals you receive without troposferic enhancements?
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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Patrick73 »

Hello Brieuc ! Content de te croiser ici ;-)
La clé que tu viens d'acquérir va t'ouvrir de nouveaux horizons, surtout là où tu es placé !
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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Nick Gilly »

Welcome to the forum Brieuc. I'm looking forward to reading your logs at such a fantastic DX location.

Saint-Brieuc is fairly regular here during tropo to the south or SW.
Good DX.

Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

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Re: Bonjour everyone!

Post by Brieuc »

Thanks all for your welcome!

Julian Hardstone :
During tropo session, I put my antenna on my terrace or beside a window and I can really improve the signal strength! I'm looking for a better antenna, but if I get this, I have to fabricate the antenna, because I can't buy an antenna (I had to pay my future new computer, my actual computer don't works.. :(). However, I'll try to fabric a dipole this winter ;).

Franco Martelli:
Sometimes, I can see your logs also, and others Italian and sardeignan DX-ers ;). It's very useful for me too, mainly for Es conditions.
Bastelicaccia is an ideal location for practice DX-ING indeed, because I'm close from the sea and I'm 80 meters over the sea: it's perfect for catch Algeria, Morocco and Spain! I can receive also the continental part of France, but I have some constraints with the relief to this direction.
This summer, I catched 1 200 stations via tropo, essentially from Algeria (Chrea, 801 km, logged more than 40 times and Tessala, 1 113 km logged more than 20 times), and from Menorca / El Toro transmitter, 451 km(I don't even count..). Via ES I can catch UK and Ireland the most of the time, and also Portugal and Spain ;).

J'ai hâte de la tester entièrement ! Puisque malheureusement, l'adaptateur que j'ai commandé sur Amazon nécessite un mois de livraison.. Et sur les trois modèles proposés, c'est la même chose ! Cependant, je vois déjà une grosse différence sur la sélectivité, baucoup de fréquences sont désormais libres !
Brieuc - Tapis Blanc, FM and ATV DXer, in Corsica. Tuners: Sharp XL-60 / Airspy Mini, with FM Omnidirectional antenna
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