DAB tropo lift

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DAB tropo lift

Post by daveB » 27 Dec 2018 16:54

DAB reception is developing very rapidly as night falls. Belgium, Holland, France and now Germany on 10A.

I'm using QT-DAB - the sdrplay version and QIRX with airspy - not so good as the bandwidth is too wide.

The aerial is a cobbled together 4 element yagi at about 4 m / 13 ft pointing out to the east.
Locatio: Sittingbourne, Kent JO01ji
SDRPlay, AirSpyMini, RTL dongles, SB920s, Yamaha TX930. 5 ele compact yagi 20ft agl - 120 deg. FM5 - 80 deg, FM5 -180 deg. OIRT dipole and 3-ele Moxon - 80 deg. Shielded magnetic loop 0.1-200 MHz

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