FM-DX Slight tropo August 5 2019

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FM-DX Slight tropo August 5 2019

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CEST Freq. Px Tx ERP DX Signal Details
0440 94.8 ČRo Vltava Zlín/Tlustá hora (ZL) 5.495kW 151km O=3 QRM from 94.7 Radio Bgld. 3kW 12km
0441 94.9 HRT-HR 1 Papuk/Kapovac (pz) 10.000kW 320km O=1 very weak
0443 96.5 Bayern 2 Brotjacklriegel (bay) 100.000kW 240km O=1 very weak
0454 98.1 HRT-HR 2 Beli Manastir/Belje (os) 50.000kW 319km O=2
0502 97.3 HRT-HR 1 Psunj (pz) 80.000kW 318km O=2
0502 97.7 HRT-HR 3 Papuk/Kapovac (pz) 10.000kW 320km O=2
0502 99.7 HRT-HR 2 Psunj (pz) 80.000kW 318km O=2
0508 97.2 SRo 3 Rádio Devín Žilina/Krížava (ZA) 18.000kW 210km O=2 first reception at home
0508 99.2 Fun Rádio Žilina/Krížava (ZA) 18.000kW 210km O=1 weak
0514 89.6 ROCK MAX Zlín/Tlustá hora (ZL) 10.000kW 151km O=1 weak
0542 93.1 Radio Maribor Maribor 1/Pohorje (RTVSLO) (mb) 10.000kW 192km O=3 over semi-local

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